EXmas 2023 Movie Cast, Characters & Actors

    Amazon Freevee’s EXmas is a hilarious 2023 movie about exes and the holidays anchored with a remarkable cast led by Robbie Amell. 

    Directed by Jonah Feingold, EXmas is a romantic comedy revolving around a former couple who unexpectedly reunite during Christmas. 

    In the film, Graham (Robbie Amell) goes home to surprise his family for the holidays, but he is blindsided by his ex-fiancée (Leighton Meester) when he discovers that she is already present at home with his family. 

    EXmas made its debut on Amazon Freevee and Amazon Prime Video on November 17.

    Every Main Actor & Character in 2023’s EXmas Movie

    Here’s an overview of every main actor who appears in EXmas, with details about their roles and filmography below:

    • Leighton Meester – Ali Moyer
    • Robbie Amell – Graham Stroop
    • Michael Hitchcock – Dennis
    • Kathryn Greenwood – Jeannie
    • Veronika Slowikowska – Mindy
    • Steven Huy Elliott
    • Thomas Cadrot – Brady
    • Donna Benedicto – Jess
    • Daniel Bacon – Mr. Tusk
    • Lucas Chadwick – Fat Mike
    • Emily Schoen – Quinn

    Leighton Meester – Ali Moyer

    Leighton Meester

    Leighton Meester brings Ali Moyer to life in 2023’s EXmas movie.

    Ali Moyer is Graham Stroop’s ex-fiancée who dumped him six months ago. Despite that, Graham’s mom actually invited Ali to spend time with them during Christmas. 

    Ali and Graham eventually butt heads, with the pair even making extreme efforts to make the other look bad in front of the family. 

    Gossip Girl fans may recognize Meester for her role as Blair Waldorf in the series. The actress also appeared in The Roommate, That’s My Boy, and Country Strong.

    Robbie Amell – Graham Stroop

    Robbie Amell as Graham Stroop
    Robbie Amell

    At the center of the holiday chaos is Graham Stroop (played by Robbie Amell). 

    Graham was supposed to not go home for the holidays due to a big work project. However, plans changed, so he decided to surprise his family. 

    When he found out that his ex, Ali, was present at his family’s home during the holidays, Amell’s Graham made a competitive bet with her to find out which of them would win their love and which one would be kicked out before Christmas morning.

    Amell is a veteran on the small screen since he played iconic characters such as Ronnie Raymond, aka Firestorm, in The CW’s The Flash, Nathan Brown in Upload, and Stephen Jameson in The Tomorrow People.

    Michael Hitchcock – Dennis

    Michael Hitchcock as Dennis
    Michael Hitchcock

    Michael Hitchcock plays Dennis Stroop, Graham’s dad who is happy that his son is home for the holidays. 

    At one point in the film, Dennis suffered a cardiac arrest during a highly competitive game of hockey that was planned by Ali and Graham. This tragic event made the pair realize that their bet was not worth it anymore. 

    Hitchcock is known for his roles in The Resort, Glee, Best in Show, and Black Monday.

    Kathryn Greenwood – Jeannie

    Kathryn Greenwood as Jeannie
    Kathryn Greenwood

    Jeannie Stroop is Graham’s mother who invited Ali to spend time with them during the holidays despite knowing the truth that she dumped her son. The character is played by Kathryn Greenwood.

    She was pretty excited about Christmas, with Dennis noting that the family takes the holidays seriously. 

    Greenwood has credits in My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2, The Man, Wind at My Back, and Poltergeist.

    Veronika Slowikowska – Mindy

    Veronika Slowikowska as Mindy
    Veronika Slowikowska

    Mindy (played by Veronika Slowikowska) is Graham’s sister who kept in touch with Ali after she dumped her brother. 

    Graham was furious with Mindy after learning that they were still communicating. Mindy revealed that she has been playing Wordle with Ali for a long time.

    Slowikowska is known for her roles in EZRA, Homeschooled, and Mayonnaise.

    Steven Huy Elliott

    Steven Huy as Elliott
    Steven Huy

    Steven Huy’s Elliott is Graham’s brother in 2023’s EXmas.

    It was revealed that Ali helped him to study for his exams, leading to him getting an A minus right before the holidays. Elliott pointed out that he had FaceTime study sessions with Ali. 

    Huy has credits in Monster High 2, Riverdale, and In Parks We Trust.

    Thomas Cadrot – Brady

    Thomas Cadrot as Brady
    Thomas Cadrot

    Brady is Ali’s new (brief) love interest and Graham’s co-worker and friend in EXmas. The character is portrayed by Thomas Cadrot. 

    Graham allowed Brady to pursue Ali since he wanted the relationship to fail. 

    Cadrot is best known for his role as Chet Venables in So Help Me Todd. The actor also appeared in Scream VI and Nancy Drew.

    Donna Benedicto – Jess

    Donna Benedicto as Jess
    Donna Benedicto

    Jess (portrayed by Donna Benedicto) is Graham’s new crush and former schoolmate whom he was attracted to.

    Ali tries to ruin the connection between Graham and Jess by telling her that he is not good in bed. Eventually, though, Graham didn’t pursue Jess since she suggested having a threesome with her roommate.

    Benedicto previously appeared in The CW’s Supergirl, Almost Human, and Trap House.

    Daniel Bacon – Mr. Tusk

    Daniel Bacon as Mr. Tusk
    Daniel Bacon

    Daniel Bacon plays Mr. Tusk, Graham’s boss who assigned him a last-minute task for Christmas that initially prevented him from going home for the holidays.

    Bacon previously appeared in The Edge of Seventeen, The BFG, and Brian on Fire.

    Lucas Chadwick – Fat Mike

    Lucas Chadwick as Fat Mike
    Lucas Chadwick

    Fat Mike is the owner of the bar where Graham, Ali, Jess, and Brady first got together. The character is played by Lucas Chadwick. 

    EXmas is Chadwick’s first notable acting credit. 

    Emily Schoen – Quinn

    Emily Schoen as Quinn
    Emily Schoen

    Emily Schoen played Quinn in EXmas. Graham’s sister, Mindy, kissed Quinn right before Christmas since she broke up with her ex, Heather. 

    Schoen is known for The CW’s The Flash, The Good Doctor, and Yellowjackets.

    EXmas is now streaming on Freevee and Amazon Prime Video.


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