“F*ck my life”: Video of Antony Starr Regretting His Decision During a Scary Homelander Stunt Will Make Your Day

    *Warning: Contains spoilers from Gen V Season Finale*

    Antony Starr, the force behind The Boys, swooped into the Gen V season finale recently for less than 90 seconds, yet managed to steal the spotlight effortlessly. A viral online video showcases his absolute ‘joy’ in tackling his stunts. Although his infectious enthusiasm speaks volumes about the effort he poured into that blink-and-you’ll-miss-it cameo, the kicker is, that he was left with a touch of regret after being dangled mid-air for a grand entrance!

    Antony Starr as Homelander

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    This Viral Clip Shows How Much Antony Starr Enjoyed Doing His Own Stunts!

    In under a minute or two, Antony Starr‘s Homelander made an unforgettable cameo that made everyone’s day during the Gen V season finale.

    Although as previously revealed, the actor only graced the screen for a few seconds, the work he put in is commendable. It took significant time to shoot the sequence that eventually stole the show and in this case, that means the filming of Homelander’s big entrance.

    Antony Starr as Homelander in The Boys
    Antony Starr as Homelander in The Boys

    Starr’s acting prowess may be his superpower, but unfortunately, flying isn’t part of his forte. And thus, to capture that landing scene, the actor had to be repeatedly hoisted up to get it just right. A recent clip unveiled the actor’s candid thoughts as he ascended into the sky, aiming for perfection.

    To be precise his exact thought as seen in the clip were,

    “Hahahaha, f*ck off.—Haha, f*ck off.—Ahhhhhhh.–Fffffff….F*ck my life.–F*ck this.–F*ck off.–F*cking c*nts.–Holy sh*t. Okay, please. That’s good.”

    Beyond that, according to showrunner Eric Kripke, Starr managed this cameo during his off-day from filming The Boys Season 4, all without receiving any extra compensation.

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    What Does Homelander’s Cameo in Gen V Mean?

    In a recent Collider interview, Michele Fazekas delved into details, shedding light on the unexpected cameo appearance from The Boys in the climactic moments of the Gen V Season 1 finale. She said,

    “We always did hope that Homelander would show up, and we also knew that we weren’t gonna get a ton of chances to ring that bell, so we wanted to make sure it was special. We also don’t wanna overly rely on cameos. We wanna be our own show. As Eric [Kripke] put it, you call Superman in to save the day and Superman’s on the bad guy side, which is such a funny way of interpreting it, but it’s exactly right.”

    Homelander in Gen V finale
    Homelander in the Gen V finale

    She continued saying,

    “Homelander had come up in different episodes, where we were like, “Is this where we see him? Is this where we see him?” And then, it just made sense that the penultimate scene of the season seemed like the right place.

    Understanding they wouldn’t get many chances to feature him or play with the script moving forward, as the show starts getting more intense, thus, the creative team quickly brought in Homelander to save the day.

    Both The Boys and Gen V are streaming on Prime Video.

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