How To Level Up Fast

    The Lords of The Fallen lets you level up your character’s stats throughout your journey, but improving these scores fast allows you to become incredibly powerful even before the first boss. Even if you pick certain classes, you’ll have to improve their abilities to make a stronger build. Traveling around the world’s early stages allows you to collect a resource that can be spent on level improvements very early.

    You have six different Attributes that you have to spend Vigor on to level up: called Strength, Vitality, Faith, Endurance, Agility, and Luck. Vigor is a common resource dropped by enemies and bosses that Vestiges demand before you can upgrade your character. Even though classes like the Dark Crusader in Lords of the Fallen start with some high stats, spending Vigor is the only way to bolster your remaining Attributes.

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    How To Farm Vigor & Level Up Fast in Lords of The Fallen

    The easiest way to level up fast in Lords of The Fallen is to die close to the first area to farm more Vigor from the Umbral Realm upon your character’s death. Later in the game, many areas will have tough enemies in the land of the living and the haunted Umbral lands you travel to when you die. You gain more rewards for fighting through the lands occupied by the dead than in the regions you travel in while still alive.

    Keep in mind that it takes more and more Vigor to improve a stat for your character as you reach higher levels. For example, it may cost 3,500 Vigor to upgrade an Attribute and reach Level 12, then cost 4,000 to enhance another stat to reach Level 13.

    The best strategy for Vigor hunting starts at the Vestige of Hannelore, a fast travel point and a place to upgrade your character. This location, seen early in Lords of The Fallen, sits next to a large forested area and resets enemy spawns whenever you Rest to regain your health and consumables. Let the first enemy you encounter here kill you to transport your soul to the Umbral Realm, which changes the region’s landscape.

    According to YouTube creator LaserBolt, this lets you face the same enemies in the area, but these foes now drop 1.10x more Vigor than before. Not only can you farm the resources you need to level up here, but you can also collect items dropped by the myriad of hostile creatures. These items can be sold for Vigor after you defeat the boss in this area, who also drops a significant amount of Vigor in the Umbral Realm.

    Simply eliminate all enemies in the area while in the Umbral Realm, then return to the living world and return to the Vestige to spend your sold Vigor. Repeat this process by resetting the enemies by Resting, and watch your character level up fast in The Lords of The Fallen.

    Source: LaserBolt/YouTube

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      Lords of the Fallen (2023)

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      Fantasy, Action RPG

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      The Lords of the Fallen is a single-player/co-op Action-RPG set in a high fantasy setting, acting as a soft reboot of the original entry, Lords of the Fallen. Over a thousand years after the first game’s events, The Lords of the Fallen will set players in a massive world -one five times the size of the original – filled with NPC quests, dungeons, bosses, and other surprises that await. To navigate the lands between the living and the dead, players will fully customize their hero before embarking on the adventure. They can tackle the entire game solo or cooperatively with a friend online. The Lords of the Fallen emphasizes fast-action combat and a souls-like approach to world navigation. The release date hasn’t been set for the title, but it will be exclusively available on PC and next-generation consoles.


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