“I love this image:” Tatsuki Fujimoto Already Has Plans for a Future After Chainsaw Man, Wants a Destructive Female in his Next Story

    Tatsuki Fujimoto has become quite popular after the massive success of the Chainsaw Man manga. It surely engraved its name among the best new generations shōnen series. A lot of fans are looking forward to his works, and in a recent interview, Mangaka revealed plans regarding his future work.

    Chainsaw Man Anime Cover Art

    The author said in the interview that he’ll be looking forward to incorporating the “Femme Fatale” in his next project as it will please the fans of the genre. 

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    What did the Mangaka of Chainsaw Man say about his next work?

    Power and Denji from Chainsaw Man
    Power and Denji from Chainsaw Man

    In the next project, Tatsuki Fujimoto wants to make a story based on the Femme Fatale. The author loves the idea of a woman destroying everything in her way. Mangaka said this at an exhibition at the Angoulême International Comics Festival.

    “I wanted to create something about the femme fatale. I love this image – the typical woman who destroys everything in her path! In my opinion, it will please the fans of the genre,” Tatsuki Fujimoto said at the Angoulême International Comics Festival.

    This was only provided to people at the exhibition, and many fans are considering it as a gift solely meant for them.

    In an interview back in 2017 with the author of Blade of the Immortal, Tatsuki Fujimoto opened up about his attraction for irrational and dominant women who are in “higher positions than men.”

    “I also like domineering and irrational women. In college, there was a girl who was mean to me, and then, one day at school, my bicycle had fallen over. I was wondering what happened when she said, ‘I knocked your bike over, ha ha ha!’ I was so happy.”

    A tweet elaborated:

    In the interview, Fujimoto reminisced about an incident from his college days when a woman who used to be mean to him knocked his bike over. He also empathizes with Denji from Chainsaw Man due to both of their masochistic tendencies, who are in love with the intimidating Makima.

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    What does Chainsaw Man’s Mangaka mean by Femme Fatale?

    Makima from Chainsaw Man
    Makima from Chainsaw Man

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    A femme fatale is a sub-genre where the characters in question are mysterious, beautiful, and seductive women who can often woo men with their killer charms. This usually means trouble for the men. However, for Fujimoto, he considers them an archetype of literature and art.

    A Femme Fatale, in simpler terms, can be described as a woman having authority over a man because of her enchantress and seductive personality. These characters are primarily villainous and morally ambiguous.

    An excellent example of this is Makima from Chainsaw Man. Fujimoto shared how he adores the idea of making a manga around such a character who destroys everything along her way. Some fans also speculated that he might be planning for a spin-off manga for Makima, but everything is a grain of salt until official announcements are made.

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