MCU Already Has 12 Young Avengers Who Can Replace Robert Downey Jr.’s Original Team

    As the dusk sets on the team of Robert Downey Jr.’s original Avengers in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Marvel Studios are softly making way for the younger Avengers to take the spot. But all doesn’t seem to go as planned.

    With Captain America retiring, Iron Man dead and Thor getting older, it seems that age is finally catching up to the original Avengers. Well, here’s how the MCU can get 12 new Avengers who could replace Robert Downey Jr.’s original team!

    A still of Robert Downey Jr. in The Avengers (2012)

    1) Dominique Thorne as Riri Williams aka Ironheart

    The first and foremost choice would be for the character of Ironheart to take center stage. With Dominique Thorne portraying the role of Riri Williams aka Ironheart in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, the character has already made an entry into the MCU.

    Ironheart suit in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever
    Ironheart suit in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever

    Being a protege of Iron Man (kind of), Riri Williams is a bright 15-year-old MIT student who reverse-engineers Stark’s suit to create her own. Upon hearing her story, Tony Stark recruits her. Well, with Iron Man dead, it seems that Riri Williams aka Ironheart could take the place of the old man and lead the team of Young Avengers quite well.

    2) Elijah Richardson As Patriot

    In 2021, the MCU created The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. With Anthony Mackie portraying the role of the new Captain America, there was a character in the series called Eli Bradley. Portrayed by Elijah Richardson, the character is quite important in the future.

    Elijah Richardson
    Elijah Richardson

    Being the grandson of Isaiah Bradley (who was the subject of the Super Soldier serum), there is a possibility that Patriot can become the protege of the new Captain America.

    3) Kathryn Newton As Cassandra Lang

    Kathryn Newton as Cassandra "Cassie" Lang in the MCU.
    Kathryn Newton as Cassandra “Cassie” Lang in the MCU.

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    Portraying the role of the daughter of Scott and Maggie Lang in the MCU, Kathryn Newton was the most recent actress to portray the role of Cassandra Lang. In Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, the character found the name of Stature for her superhero counterpart.

    Replacing Ant-Man in the future, it could be a possibility that the actress will portray the role of Stature in the alleged upcoming Young Avengers.

    4) Julian Hilliard as Billy Maximoff

    Billy Maximoff in the MCU
    Billy Maximoff in the MCU

    WandaVision changed the face of the Marvel Cinematic Universe for good. With Julian Hilliard portraying the role of Billy Maximoff in the MCU, the character indeed has quite the powers. Being the son of Wanda and Vision, Billy Maximoff has the best of both worlds.

    Being an all-powerful entity, Billy Maximoff could replace the role of Wanda and Vision in the Young Avengers.

    5) Iman Vellani As Kamala Khan aka Ms. Marvel

    Iman Vellani in Ms. Marvel
    Iman Vellani in Ms. Marvel

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    Iman Vellani is one of the youngest actors to have worked with the OG Avengers. Having recently worked alongside Brie Larson’s Captain Marvel in The Marvels. Being one of the characters with the most experience, Iman Vellani could easily take the lead for the Young Avengers.

    6) Hailee Steinfeld As Kate Bishop

    Hailee Steinfeld as Kate Bishop
    Hailee Steinfeld as Kate Bishop

    Hailee Steinfeld portrayed the role of Kate Bishop alongside Jeremy Renner in Hawkeye. With Clint Barton on the verge of retirement, Bishop is all set to replace the role of the archer. Adding a humourous element to the team, Hailee Steinfeld as Kate Bishop seems to be the perfect addition to the team of Young Avengers.

    6 Other Actors Who Could Replace Robert Downey Jr.’s Original Team

    Young Avengers | Marvel Comics
    Young Avengers | Marvel Comics

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    And now some honorable mentions that could indeed replace the original Avengers. Starting off the list, Skaar was shown in She-Hulk: Attorney at Law as being the son of Hulk. With a story of looking up to his dad, Skaar could be the newest addition to the Young Avengers team.

    Coming up next, we have America Chavez, the second lead in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. Essentially being the cause of the cracks in Multiverse, there is more to Chavez than meets the eye.

    T’Challa’s son could also be given the spotlight as the new Black Panther, while Wiccan and Speed are two characters reincarnated with Wanda’s children’s souls.

    There is also a version of Kid Loki called Loki Laufeyson who murdered his adoptive brother Thor and was arrested by the TVA. Exiling him into The Void, perhaps it’s time for Kid Loki for his redemption by joining the Young Avengers.

    Thus, the MCU has quite a lineup for the world but the only thing that this team needs to replace Robert Downey Jr.’s team is time.

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