Miguel & Robby’s Most Satisfying Cobra Kai Season 6 Ending Wouldn’t Be A Karate Kid Repeat


    • Cobra Kai season 6 should not have Miguel and Robby win the Sekai Taikai tournament, as it would repeat a major Karate Kid storyline and prevent them from learning from past mistakes.
    • The show’s success lies in its ability to reinvent the narrative, so instead of a final fight between Miguel and Robby, they should both lose the tournament early on.
    • Miguel and Robby’s loss in the tournament would help them resolve their issues and avoid living in the shadows of their karate wins and defeats, just like Johnny and Daniel.

    Miguel and Robby’s best ending in Cobra Kai season 6 would not be as obvious as it seems and would certainly not repeat a major Karate Kid storyline. Although Cobra Kai season 5 ends all major rivalries, it sets the stage for the final season by introducing a few plot twists in its closing episodes. For instance, after portraying Silver’s arrest and allowing viewers to sigh with relief, it puts them back on their toes by walking them through Kreese’s meticulous prison escape plan.

    Owing to these ending revelations from Cobra Kai season 5, viewers expect season 6 to reveal what Kreese intends to do next and how Silver will build his reputation again in the karate world. However, other than these obvious questions, audiences would also want to know the answer to how season 6 will end the series and who will ultimately win the Sekai Taikai tournament. While only time will tell how the series will close its overarching storyline, the answer to who deserves to win the Sekai Taikai in Cobra Kai season 6 is more complex than meets the eye as Robby and Miguel’s future seemingly depends on its outcome.

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    Both Miguel & Robby Should Lose The Sekai Tekai In Cobra Kai Season 6’s Ending

    Since Cobra Kai season 6 will be the series’ last, it is hard not to root for one of the two main characters, Robby and Miguel, to win the Sekai Taikai tournament. Both characters have displayed exceptional karate skills throughout the series, and although Robby has never won the local All-Valley, he holds the record of being a two-time finalist. Miguel, on the other hand, has faced a fair share of setbacks since his first All-Valley win. However, now that he seems to have recovered from his season 2 injury, he could stand a chance at winning the tournament. Even though all odds are stacked in Miguel and Robby’s favor, neither should win the Sekai Taikai in Cobra Kai season 6.

    Miguel & Robby’s Sekai Taikai Loss Would Prevent Them From Repeating Johnny & Daniel’s Mistakes

    Miguel and Robby season 5

    Instead of copying the Karate Kid formula, Cobra Kai has always tried reinventing the narrative elements and the character beats of its parent franchise. The show’s ability to remain unpredictable while still being reminiscent of the original Karate Kid series is one of the primary reasons for its success on Netflix. Owing to this, instead of recreating another “Daniel vs. Johnny” showdown by featuring a final Sekai Taikai fight between Miguel and Robby, Cobra Kai season 6 should make both Robby and Miguel lose the tournament long before they get the opportunity to face each other in a final title fight.

    While this may disappoint viewers seeking answers to who is stronger among the top contenders, it would narratively make sense because Miguel and Robby have already buried their beef. They would be better off keeping it that away and not living in the shadows of their karate wins and defeats for the rest of their lives like Johnny and Daniel. After Cobra Kai season 5, Robby and Miguel are already on the right path towards resolving their issues, and their loss in the tournament would further dissolve their bad blood by making them understand where Johnny and Daniel went wrong after their Karate Kid rivalry.


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