Missy Actress Reunites With George In Emotional Young Sheldon Video


    • The final season of Young Sheldon has begun production, leading to emotional reunions on the set between the actors.
    • The shortened season 7 will consist of only 14 episodes, making it challenging to wrap up the Coopers’ storylines satisfactorily.
    • Missy’s character may face significant consequences if her on-screen father, George, dies in season 7, affecting her redemption arc and potential growth.

    Missy actor, Raegen Revord, reunites with George actor, Lance Barber, in an emotional Young Sheldon season 7 behind-the-scenes video. Contrary to previous reports, work on the final season of The Big Bang Theory prequel has started. Production kicked off not long after it was announced that Young Sheldon would end with season 7, so naturally, emotions were running high when the cast returned to the set and saw their co-workers for the first last time.

    In a new video from Revord on TikTok, she has a heartfelt reunion with her on-screen father. Check out the clip below:

    The shortened Young Sheldon season 7 will only be composed of 14 episodes — a significant drop from its usual 22-episode output. This will undoubtedly make it trickier to deliver a satisfying send-off for the Coopers, considering the various lingering plotlines that the hit family comedy needs to address.

    Young Sheldon season 7 premieres on February 15, 2024, and will end on May 16, 2024.

    How George’s Possible Young Sheldon Season 7 Death Impacts Missy

    Young Sheldon‘s end comes despite its continued popularity due to the show’s narrative. As a prequel, it is beholden to The Big Bang Theory‘s established canon. Admittedly, the spin-off hasn’t been consistent in preserving the continuity, but it risks totally breaking it beyond repair if the project doesn’t adhere to Sheldon’s timeline. Unfortunately, doing this also means that George’s death nears. Season 6 may have been able to get away with ignoring his cheating scandal, but depending on season 7’s storytelling pacing, this family tragedy may have to play out on screen.

    As the closest Cooper child to her dad, George’s possible death will have catastrophic effects on Missy, especially as she attempts to redeem herself after almost a year of bad behavior. As seen in the Young Sheldon season 6 finale, Missy tearfully apologizes to George about her actions. Losing the only person in the family who has consistently looked out for her while everyone else fawned over Sheldon could knock Missy off the right path. This could explain why she never reached her potential, per The Big Bang Theory.

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    CBS is ending Young Sheldon failing to fully take advantage of Missy’s popularity. As the best Cooper family member, the show has continuously overlooked the character. Despite that, her occasional moments with George were so effective that the pairing is easily one of the best in the family comedy. The family comedy could have been able to buy them a little bit more time if it was only open to evolving past Sheldon.

    Source: rae.revord/TikTok

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