Sherlock Holmes 3 Gets Extremely Positive Update from Producer

    Robert Downey Jr. He could be back as Sherlock Holmes sooner than expected. The Marvel Studios star became the world’s most famous detective in 2009, just a year after he first played Tony Stark in Iron Man. Now that the iconic hero has been left behind, the actor is ready to return to the other franchise.

    A few months ago, director Guy Ritchie revealed that a third film of the saga was already in development but that everything was up to Downey Jr. It’s been over 10 years since the second movie was released, so fans have been giving up on that one. Get to see the profile again. But now, producer Amanda Burrell has shared some great news.

    While speaking with The Wrap for their podcast, she revealed the current state of the film:

    “Here’s what I can say… Before that we had lunch with Robert… It was a very specific topic of conversation, so yeah. It’s in the hopper. We’ll do it when it’s right with the right people, but it’s a priority for the company and a priority for Robert.”

    Of course her statement doesn’t mean they’ll start working on the movie right away, but it does give fans some hope that they want to work on it and that the main star wants to come back.

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    What do you expect from Sherlock Holmes 3

    Pictures Warner Bros

    The first two films are loosely based on the comics by Lionel Wigram, which reimagined the characters Arthur Conan Doyle created for his acclaimed novels that introduced Sherlock Holmes to the world. So fans can expect the next installment to follow suit.

    In the first film, Sherlock Holmes and his loyal companion Watson must use their intellectual acuity and all kinds of resources and skills to confront a new enemy and uncover a conspiracy that could destroy the country after capturing one of its most famous enemies. .

    in Sherlock Holmes: Shadow GamesWhen the Austrian crown prince is found dead, evidence indicates that it was a suicide. However, the detective deduces that the prince was murdered and the crime is just one more piece in a game designed by the evil Moriarty. Holmes and Watson, accompanied by a gypsy whose life was saved by the detective, follow Moriarty across Europe hoping to disrupt his plans.

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