The CW Exec Reveals Why They Saved Superman & Lois

    CW He could not escape the Warner Bros. discovery crisis. After years of dominating the teen series market and the superhero genre, the network gradually began to suffer the consequences of the popularity of streaming platforms, and lost out on some of its most important titles.

    In 2020, just before the pandemic hit, Arrow came to an end, marking the before and after of the shared universe of series based on DC characters. Regardless of the fact that the lightwhich at that time and until its end was the most popular show on Arrowwas still on the air, effect ArrowThere’s no denying an end to the CW.

    And that was not all. In November of the same year, another season of the network’s biggest hits aired. supernaturalafter becoming the longest-running series in The CW’s history, ended with its 15th season and ended up marking the end of an era for the channel.

    The panorama got increasingly worse, ending such a great series super girland cancel common titles such as Legends of Tomorrow in DCand announcing the abrupt endings of two of her strongest productions: the light And Riverdale, with the latter about to release its final episode. However, there have been shows that have managed to survive the crisis and the question is why this one?

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    Superman and Lois is one of the CW’s biggest stars

    DC Entertainment
    Warner Bros.

    There’s no doubt that the series starring Tyler Hoechlin and Elizabeth Tulloch has become hugely popular, thanks to the chemistry between its protagonists, good story development and a level of production that stands out above other CW shows.

    This is why, along with All Americansfallout, and remake Walker Texas RangerAnd Superman and Lois It has been long-awaited renewed for a fourth season, following other series such as Gotham Knights or the supernatural spin off, Winchester cancelled.

    Speaking with The Wrap, CW Entertainment President Brad Schwartz revealed why they chose those four series to continue on screen after so many cancellations:

    “Homecoming and all-American specifically is a big percentage of our broadcast. Those shows are monsters. It was very easy to focus on those four as our best shows and best performers. And then it was also easier to have conversations with CBS and Warner about ‘how do we make these Shows work for everyone?” Because there’s been a proven track record of success. CBS and Warner Bros. know what they’re doing internationally, they know what they’re doing for Netflix and HBO sales. We know how they’re doing for us. They can show what a library of 60 or 70 episodes forever. You can put all the math together and be like, ‘Is there a way for us as partners?’ For those four shows? We made it.”

    But despite the renovation, Superman and Lois You will suffer the consequences of the current crisis of the CW. In the fourth part, the series will lose many of its stars to reduce costs and continue telling the story of the Kent family.

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